wayne baker
artist/composer/sound designer/producer/audio engineer
san francisco, ca, usa
Bachelor of Music in Music Composition and Theory from San Francisco State University 2013

I have both classical education and extensive experience in music, whether it be composing, teaching, performing, producing, post-production, and managing myself as a solo artist in the music business as well as running and distributing other artists' music through both the digital and analog formats. I also have nearly a decade experience as an admin, moderating a large social network of music producers (

If you are seeking services from an experienced musician and audio artist, please email me at baker.wayne.t at gmail dot com


game sound design

I have done sound design and music for app games, simple yet entertaining.

Color Merge and Goats In Box are available in the iTunes store (click links for individual pages):

Color Merge
Goats in Box
Tap Into The Money (Not yet available)

Hope you enjoy the tunes and the games themselves!